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2828 East 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46240

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Highlighted Services

Dentistry is the art and science of medicine dealing with the health and diseases of the mouth. A healthy mouth is often considered the gate way to general health and healthy teeth are not just necessary for chewing but for speaking, looks and SMILING. Since a smile is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind, the team members at Keystone Dentistry feel we have an obligation to guide the public towards a happy and healthy mouth.

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Dental Surgery Services

We know that everyone tries to keep their teeth clean and healthy, but sometimes problems arise in spite of the best efforts. And sometimes these problems are of a more invasive, surgical nature. While the team at Keystone Dentistry will do everything they can to keep things simple, sometimes a little complexity is unavoidable. Dr. Kinney has the training and experience to manage treatment involving several disciplines of dentistry. This is particularly true of dental implants and oral reconstruction.

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Preventative Dental Care

Our patients at Keystone Dentistry know that their hygiene appointments are not just cleanings; they are the most important dental appointment they can make. Every hygiene appointment is a clinical appointment where we are able to perform a variety of services that better the lives of our patients.

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